Lighting the path ahead

Financial markets have been tumultuous over the recent quarters and years.  Unprecedented, potentially catastrophic financial events have become unnervingly more common and many challenges still lie ahead. Wealth management experts can help you navigate this uncertainty. But what use are experts whose very insights are rooted in institutionalized hubris or whose recommendations are intertwined with their own personal financial gain? Global resources, cleverness, content mastery, and even a commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration are not sufficient safeguards for your financial security in the presence of real and substantial conflicts of interests.   

We founded Filament on a simple idea: you, the client, improve your odds of financial success by working with our team of experts in an independent, fee-only advisory practice that squarely aligns your interests and ours. We’re so sure this works that we don’t need to shackle clients to our firm with proprietary funds or strategies. Instead, we search broadly for the best and most cost-effective solutions to financial challenges faced by wealthy families. When the path ahead is uncertain, our independence provides the light needed to act decisively and with confidence.

Welcome to Filament—independent, innovative and illuminating wealth management counsel.

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